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Stephen Jay Jackson is a non-fiction Writer & Kindle Publisher. Stephen has been writing now for over 25 years. He has helped many publishers get their respective projects off the ground and on paper. Stephen has created many books over the years, but has mainly gravitated towards helping business owners create books and market them for their businesses. future projects consist of many new Kindle eBooks on a variety of subjects, From Health Care to finding your favorite fishing hole. Stay tuned, there may be something interesting on the horizon for you...

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Chili Dog Tags, PET ID Tags Richmond Virginia,, Animal Rescue

People want to volunteer for animal rescue, but HOW? When looking for PET ID Tags in Richmond, Virginia, at Chili Dog Tags, these are some of the things people don’t see, or they simply overlook. The animal rescue issue in the US isn’t getting any smaller. In fact, it’s been growing for the last 30 years. We, as a people, need to do more when it comes to helping our PET’s. Are pet ID tags […]

Want to Succeed at Self-Publishing? Write in Your Own Voice: Tips from an Indie Author

At age 78 and as the oldest prosecutor in California, Timothy Oliver Stoen decided it was time to write his memoir to “give hope to people who have made huge mistakes in their lives—to give them hope that their lives are not over.” In 1970, Stoen, who graduated from Stanford Law School and worked as an assistant district attorney in California, joined a utopian movement called the Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ and […]

Beat Cancer, Stephen Jackson, How to RSO for Cancer, Rick Simpson, Medical OIL, Cannabis Oil.

Beat Cancer, Stephen Jackson, How to RSO for Cancer, Rick Simpson, Medical OIL, Cannabis Oil. As many of you are aware, I am fighting cancer. Head and neck cancer to be exact. My diagnosis is SCC or Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Tonsils, and Lymph Nodes. After conventional treatment, it has been suggested to get on a steady regimen of RSO or Rick Simpson Oil to cure all remaining activity. I made my first batch 2 weeks […]

Self Publishing Notebook: Editor’s Block

We’re all familiar with the concept of “writer’s block” – that disease that infects writers who can’t seem to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard. I don’t really believe in writer’s block. I mean, I believe that it’s a phrase that people use to describe their inability to write, but I think it’s mostly an excuse for not writing. I’ve said before, the act of writing is the easy part of this process. […]

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Real Martial Arts for Real People

Choosing Self Defense that Works for You

Training for Self Defense is often called “Challenging” because it’s supposed to be one of the hardest and most difficult decisions of your life. Choosing the right school and preparation, however, can sometimes be one of the most rewarding and calming experiences of your life. Fortunately, this book will be a guide in helping you achieve exactly that. In “Real Martial Arts for Real People” we’ve interviewed 12 Martial Arts professionals, to help you avoid…

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