Martial Arts Review

Volume 1 – Tae Kwon Do & Sip Pal Gi: Special Interview with: Master James Theros on Speed, Health, Self Survival, and Power Training (Martial Arts Review: Tae Kwon Do)

Martial Arts Review: Volume 1 – Tae Kwon Do & Sip Pal Gi:
Special Interview with Master James Theros

Why I wrote this book:
I hear so many horror stories of people connecting with the wrong type of self defense schools, and then getting completely turned off to martial arts.

I decided it’s time to launch an interview style ebook that will help students, or beginners, choose a school that helps them achieve their goals.

* No more being confused
* Learn real styles and techniques
* Hear real answers from real masters
* Avoid getting ripped off
* Expose the Myths

What you’ll get:

You will be far ahead of anyone else learning the same art. In fact, you will discover some things you may not have known about the art you teach, or the art and style you are learning.

Our Masters take real pride in their interviews as well as providing a look inside their lives with pictures and honest and open answers to some difficult questions.